5 Must-Try Summer Hair Care Hints!


By Serena Coady

With summer in the air it’s easy to trade up your leave-in for days of sea-salty ‘road-trip’ hair and skip your routine split end trim in the hope of reaching your goal goddess length.

Not to fret, we’ve got your back.

While we know you’re busy, even in the briefest window of time you can put into action at least one of the following five hints for hot ‘n’ healthy summer tresses.

1. Know Your Enemy


We mean it. Before you know you’ll be taking a dip in your hotel’s infinity pool or going wild in the surf, wet your hair with some tap water and add some conditioner. Alternatively, create a pre-mix of this in a spray bottle. This concoction will help your hair absorb less chlorine or salt water than usual.

If this doesn’t seem to be strong enough or if you’re a frequent swimmer, get yourself a chlorine removing shampoo from Fishpond or do some easy DIY and add Vitamin C solution and baking soda!

2. Greased Lightening

Well not really grease, but oil. Invest in a good oil. This nifty hair product is quicker than an intensive treatment or leave-in, doesn’t require washing out and still achieves powerful, hair strengthening results. We’ve road-tested the following, L’Oreal Mythic Oil and Redken Diamond Oil and love the results. Massage a small dollop of oil onto towel-dried hair, focusing mainly on the lower half of your hair.

3. Go Natch


Use summer as your haircarefree time, where you ignore normal grooming practices. Wait! Isn’t that what we’re trying to advise against? Anyways, what we mean is, your sun is getting more than enough heat already with constant sun exposure, so ease up on the blow drying, GHDing and clamping it with prongs heated in the depths of Mordor’s Orodruin. Instead, why not try a sexy and relaxed beachy do, applying Fudge salt spray to wet hair, scrunching it through and leaving it to dry freely.

4: Wasup-plements


While we’re not indicating vitamins can replace a balanced diet, sometimes a couple of the right supplements are great to tie you over until when you can be more planned with your nourishment. The best supplements are fish oil, zinc, silica and selenium. However, if you do find yourself focusing on your eating patterns this summer, opt for protein rich and omega 3 packed foods such as: salmon, eggs, trout, lean beef, chicken and chia seeds.

5. #yolo


Aaaaaand if you found you really haven’t found any time (well, if you’re that busy living it up this summer then good for you! We’re a lil jealous), there are always ways to remedy your hair and reverse the stress summer has put on your locks.

Our favourite post-summer treatments include Intense Renewal Super Moisturizing Mask and of course to simply: Trim. Those. Ends!

Sweet summer, friends! Love, HFB.x


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