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We sat down with one of our favourite Aussie health focused girl bosses to talk about what it takes to build a feel good business.

Fun fact, Leanne & I went to school together many years ago & have re-connected as fearless girlbosses on a mission.

What inspired you to start your business?

My inspiration to create The Nourish Movement arose back in 2012 after a decade working as Operations Manager at the Seven Network, over several years I’d managed to slip into a downhill spiral towards churning and burning.

Debilitating illness, eating disorders and fatigue eventually set in, and my body raised the white flag and refused to continue at the demanding pace I’d been commanding of it.

I realized this wasn’t how I wanted to spend my life or be remembered, and I wanted to recalibrate and refresh my outlook. I battled a negative mindset and had developed a range of emotional issues for far too long.

I decided to take on my own eat pray love adventure, as I was never one to do things by halves and booked a one way ticket to Borneo for a 3-month volunteer program rehabilitating orangutans.

Landing in the jungle, daily obstacles like traffic, crowds and slow corporate wi-fi were replaced with snakes, leeches and cold showers. Being forced to return to basics, the slower, simpler pace of life gradually gave rise to a fresh perspective. I completely fell in love with the empowering morning ritual of finding balance and nourishment through simple things, first thing. I found myself again, and realized how happy I could be surrounded by nature and the basics of life.

I was completely hooked on the simple life and wanted to immediately come back and share my new found bliss in everyday life. I realized my true passion was to help other women take control and feel inspired and empowered in their daily lives.Leanne Casual Mid ShotWhere will we find you this Autumn?

I love being outdoors, it’s where I find I can recharge and re-energise from my day-to-day commitments. I try to exercise daily and include regular walks outside usually by the water.

I’ll often spend time listening to music or inspiring podcasts and when I can I take a book down to the beach and enjoy the last warm weather before winter sets in.

What are your top 3 Autumn breakfast recipes?

My top Autumn three breakfast choices for Autumn would have to be (it’s hard to narrow to three)

  1. Cashmere Cuddle – We’ve created this flavour for the cooler and rainy months and it’s my absolute favourite, it’s the perfect combination of almonds and crunch, but also being a warm and hearty porridge. I add in a few slices of banana and top with a sprinkle of vanilla bean powder, cinnamon powder and occasionally a little drizzle of organic honey if I feel like something a little sweeter.
  2. Bircher Muesli – This one always fills me up and feels so nourishing, I love creating my own, I’ll often pre-soak the base, which is usually a combination of quinoa flakes or rice flakes (or you could use oats if you’re not sensitive to gluten) soaked in a little orange juice and mixed with nuts, berries some grated green apples and a good dollop of organic homemade coconut yoghurt. It’s always so rewarding creating and decorating your own.
  3. I can never really go past Nutty Namaste as my go-to daily breaky on the run. It’s made up of roasted macadamias with a hint of dried cranberries. It’s so easy to add my almond milk to a jar, throw it in my bag and away I go.

The Brkfst Box Top View

What does your office space look like?

My office space I’d like to think is my little zen space, I try to keep it inspiring, uplifting and simple. I love all things neutral and natural. Think natural wood desks with plenty of soft fabrics for comfort and some soft lamps and candles. I love some little pot plants to help purify the air and also to add some balance in amongst all the technology.

I think having an organised and simple space, allows your mind to be creative. I always found it hard to be creative and inspired while sitting in amongst a cluttered and busy workspace.

Every year I work on my vision board for the year ahead, both personally and for Nourish. It helps keep my focus and becomes my inspiration on the days where my mind only wants to wander.

What are you working on collaboration wise?

Collaborations are a bit part of the nourish movement this year, we will be collaborating with like minded businesses across food, travel, business, and health & beauty. The reason for starting The Nourish Movement was to make women’s lives a little simpler, and to make them feel more supported daily through the right nutrition. All collaborations will have one main objective this year, and that is to help teach how to reduce stress, reduce the clutter and have simple and concise information in nutrition and overall wellness from the most trusted industry experts.

Fig Chia Pudding


What are the top 5 things you can’t live without?

  1. My Partner! He’s definitely the first person on my list. I wouldn’t be where I am today without his incredible support. He’s been right beside me from the beginning and I couldn’t be more grateful to have him in my life.
  2. Filtered Water! I know this might sound a little cliché, but I never leave the house without at least a litre of water in my bag, I usually make it through 2-3 litres a day and feel completely lost without it by my side.
  3. My phone. I feel like I’ve come to be completely reliant on it, but also love knowing that I can be so connected to so many beautiful people at the touch of a button.
  4. Being outdoors. Since starting my business I’ve had many up’s and downs as anyone running their own business can understand. I have always found being outside really helps to calm and soothe me. I have recently been working in an office with air con and fluro lights for hours upon hours each day and I’ve noticed how unbalanced I’ve become.

Even heading outside to sit on the grass, walk through the park or feel the sun on your back is often all it take to rebalance.

  1. I was lucky enough to learn the tricks of the trade from an expert around 3 years ago, before it became so popular. I’ve been brewing my own 10 litre ginger kombucha at home ever since and have fallen in love with it.

It’s become my daily morning ritual and I don’t feel like I could live without it now.

Where is your favourite travel destination?

I’d have to choose New York, and in close second would be Vancouver.

I love the buzz of New York, it’s a city that I always love returning too. I find it inspiring not only for my business but also for me personally. It’s infectious, and really does hold true to it’s title of the city that never sleeps.

Vancouver I have visited a couple of times recently, and would have to say it reminds me of Sydney and New Zealand combined. The beautiful landscapes, and the amount of Aussies based in Whistler and Vancouver is astonishing, it almost feels like home away from home. The mountains and the coastal drive on the way up to whistler is truly breathtaking.

What are your three tips for aspiring girl bosses out there?

  1. Find your tribe. Whether you have an idea and don’t know how or where to start, or you’re currently in amongst the daily hustle of running your business. I recommended surrounding yourself with likeminded people. Be aware sometimes this isn’t family members or friends you’ve known for years. It may mean you join new facebook groups, networking groups for start up businesses. These support systems are crucial for advice, support, and most of all keeping you focusing on the dream that you envisaged when you started. I’ve never found these groups to plant seeds of doubt in your mind, or be negative towards others. After all, women are there to support each other. After such a short time, they end up feeling like family, and often ride the up’s and down’s with you.


  1. Ask for help. When you first start there is often an inner self-chatter that says you should be the expert, and you should know it all. Truth is, noone is born to be an entrepreneur. It comes from a passion to make things better, to find a solution to a problem that isn’t currently being solved in the world. When you genuinely ask for help, you will be amazed at the response you will receive and support people will offer.


  1. Just start! I know this might sound simple, but I often hear – “I haven’t decided on the business name yet” or “I’m not sure if that’s the right decision”

The best advice I ever received was to simply just take the leap, put your idea out there into the world. Trust me, people won’t run off with your idea, but you will have people thinking how they can help you or advice they can offer. It’s something I learnt early in my business, to put your idea out there and constantly adapt to feedback. Be ok, with not being perfect. (Because perfection will be the handbrake to your progress)


Who are your girlboss inspirations?

My girlboss inspirations for the past few years have been:

Jacqueline Alwill from Brown Paper Nutrition. I love the way Jacq has been teaching women the basic principles of daily nutrition through inspiring recipes. She’s always coming up with new recipes, new books, tv segments and blogs. I always have time to read her latest work, and find her so inspiring juggling it all, yet staying so grounded.

Oprah. Who can deny she is such a boss on a global scale from all that she’s achieved. Yet for me, I find her inspiring due to her upbringing, her humble beginnings and her success through adversity. It’s a testament that you really can define your own destiny and really offer something to the world.

On a daily basis I’m so grateful to be surrounded by so many powerful and strong women who inspire me daily, both in business and personally.

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Kath Purkis

Kath Purkis

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