Autumn Interior Essentials!

As Autumn is now in full swing here in sunny Sydney, it’s time to get cosy with our Autumn interior essentials.

Here are our favourites for the cooler months…


Candles are the best when designing your interior of your room because they are not only extremely chic and versatile, but it can completely transform a space because they add a cosy and relaxed vibe.

Our Love Ludie x Jasmine Dowling Candles featuring in the Autumn Her Fashion Box.


Shaggy rugs are a perfect addition when creating a cosier looking space, not to mention they are extremely chic and classy.



The best thing to snuggle up to when its getting colder outside is a large mug, especially when it is filled with delicious hot chocolate.


incorporating hints of metals can transform your space however, the key is less is more. A little goes a low way when it comes to metals. 



A good versatile throw blankets and cushions are a must have this season. They are best was to spice up your room. They can change the entire mood and appearance of your room and the best part about it is it is easily interchangeable.


filling your empty corner with a statement arm chair is the way to go this season. Not only will it jazz up your room, but it is the perfect place to snuggle up as the wether cools down.





Furniture has followed fashion this year with the incorporation of chucky knitwear. This gives the room texture when integrated with throws, pillows and footrests



Marble is all the rage right now and that is definitely not excluded in when is comes to interior design. Marble adds an edgy yes elegant look to your space.


For entertainment or even just for the aesthetic, coffee table books are a must especially for autumn. Paired with a big mug of hot chocolate and some candles, snuggling up on the couch has never been so relaxing.




Kath Purkis

Kath Purkis

CEO of and a passionate girl boss from Sydney!

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