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After working as a lifestyle journalist in Brisbane and Sydney and with a background in food and fashion, Livvy May is discovering Sydney’s exceptional eateries, sampling cocktails at the best bars and telling you where to go and what to wear. Because let’s face it, your outfit must match the establishment!

Livvy is our May HFB featured blogger in the magazine. You can also view her in the latest HFB e-magazine for more inspiration.

Here’s our little chat for Autumn…

What inspired you to start your blog/instagram?

As a journalist who now works predominantly in social media, I missed writing features and felt I had a deep creative side that needed to be expressed, hence Livvy May (My Sasha Fierce to Beyonce alter ego) was born. 


What do you love most about cable knit scarves for Autumn?

Scarves are the perfect Autumn accessory as they not only keep you warm but can add a pop of colour or pzazz to a basic outfit. My grandma always said if you keep your neck warm the rest of your body will remain warm and I find this to be so true. Thanks Ma!

Where will we find you this Autumn?

Hanging out at lots of cute cafes, pubs and restaurants. As my blog incorporates a huge amount of food elements, after all the tagline is, ‘Where to eat, what to wear’ I have to put the hard yards in when it comes to foodie research 😉 

What are your top 3 Autumn beauty favourites?

I can never go past a good fake tan. I normally opt for ModelCo’s Tan in a Can which is just the right shade for me and super hydrating. I also love a bold lip in Autumn – keep the eye makeup minimal and add a good dose of colour in a sweet berry or ruby red to the lips. My final favourite beauty product is a face mask. I use one by Dermalogica which is perfect for my skin. As the season changes and the cold snap comes I need to focus on keeping my skin super hydrated as dryness can be a bit of a problem issue. 

What are the top 5 things you can’t live without? 

My six nieces and nephews – they are my world 

My bed (preferably with bae in it) – sleep is imperative in my job (but often hard to switch off) 

Sour straps – My fave lolly 

Paw paw ointment for so many reasons 

Aeroplanes so I can travel the world but most importantly easily fly home to see my family in Queensland. 

_U1A9030xxWhat are you going to be blogging about next?

How to transition from season to season with essential basics that can live in your wardrobe for years to come. 

Where is your favourite travel destination? 

Europe! I’m a massive foodie and love areas including Italy, Greece and Turkey for their amazing beaches in summer and incredible food all year round! 

Where will we find you on the weekends?

As Social Media Editor for a major metropolitan newspaper my weekend is actually Friday and Saturday as I work Sundays pushing out some of our best content. Friday’s are a great day for some ‘me time’ – going to the gym and doing a Barre Attack class or my own routine, then spending the day at the beach or blogging. Saturday’s are usually spent with my BF  and often incorporate some form of alcoholic beverage (or three) and a lovely meal either somewhere out or we’ll cook pasta at our place in Clovelly and snuggle in to watch a movie.  This is usually then followed by ice-cream 😉 




_U1A9204xxPhotography via Tracey Johnson 

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