Girl Boss Q&A – Jasmine from cult Beauty Brand The Buff

I sat down with one of my favourite Aussie girl bosses to watch in 2017. Jasmine Garnsworthy is incredibly down to earth & on a clear path to success.

Jasmine is an Australian freelance writer based in New York and the founder of beauty oil brand, The Buff. She produces wellness, natural beauty, and style content that reaches tens of millions of people across multiple industry-leading publishers and brands, including; STYLECASTER, POPSUGAR, Sporteluxe, Refinery29, Racked, Byrdie, Bupa,, and Jasmine herself has over 18,000 followers across Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter.

Ok, now time to meet the woman behind one of my favourite upcoming beauty brands…

KP) What inspired you to start your business?

JG) I created The Buff after a chronic acne outbreak in 2015 that lasted months. Harsh prescription creams and cleansers, antibiotics, and more than a dozen expensive visits to the dermatologist did nothing to help. 

As a wellness and beauty writer and editor—for sites such as POPSUGAR, Byrdie, Refinery29, Stylecaster, Sporteluxe, and Racked—I was able to spend hours every day researching magical elixirs and talking to experts in pursuit of something that would restore my complexion. I learned about the nasties many skincare and makeup companies pack into their products, and decided to Marie Kando the hell out of my beauty routine by moving to all clean products. 

I learned about jojoba oil; an antibacterial, nourishing oil that mimics the skin’s own sebum and is noncomedogenic—so it doesn’t block your pores. I also discovered tamanu oil, a substance that’s been used for generations by Polynesian women to treat acne and scars. 

After several weeks of my all-natural new routine—including oiling every day—the acne and residual scarring cleared up and I finally got seemingly lit-within skin that glowed with health.

I was hooked, and soon after created my own hydrating oil for acne-prone skin.

We’ve since expanded into body oils and personalized face oils targeted to your individual skin needs, whether it’s acne, dryness, redness, or fine lines. We use oils such as jojoba, tamanu, rosehip, argan, raspberry seed, and maracuja (derived from passionfruit), handpicking the most relevant to your needs in order to blend a serum that’s both beautiful and personal.


KP) Where will we find you this Autumn?

JG) I’m juggling ramping up the business and working as a freelance writer, so will be at the office—a lot! I’m traveling between Brisbane and Sydney to set up The Buff’s Australian operation and work on some Australian health and beauty content, and then back home to New York for the beginning of spring in the US. As for where I’ll be hanging out: I can’t wait to visit Pineapple Express while in Brisbane, catch the last few warm days on Bondi Beach, and test out new The Flower Shop restaurant in NYC. 

KP) What are your top 3 Autumn lifestyle items?

JG) The Buff Blemish Elixir—I could not live without this super-hydrating jojoba oil blend, particularly when the weather gets colder and dryer!

Away Luggage. I’m going to be back and forth between New York and Australia a bit this year, and I’ve always wanted to be that person who zips through the airport with matching luggage. Aside from the obvious aesthetic appeal, Away’s luggage also charges your phone, which would come in handy on long-haul trips across hemispheres.

MiGoals Progress Journal. This Progress Journal is like organizer porn for obsessive list-makers like me. It breaks down each day into what you need to prioritize, and encourages you to reflect each day on what you achieved. So into it!

The Buff_CustomizedKP) What does your office space look like?

JG) I split my time between working from home and visiting three or four different coworking spaces. I use Croissant, which is like ClassPass for coworking spaces in New York City. It allows me to duck into an office straight after a meeting, no matter where I am in the city. I usually have two or three story deadlines each day, as well as everything it takes to run The Buff, so it’s helpful to have WiFi access and a quiet place to write whenever I need it. 

Jasmine Garnsworthy street style SS16

KP) What are you you working on collaboration wise?

JG) This week we’re holding an oil blending workshop for media with Bari Studio, and we’re also working on two events in Brisbane that we’ll be holding this March. Stay tuned!

KP) What are the top 5 things you can’t live without?

JG) Apple cider vinegar. Natural beauty and wellness is my jam, and I use apple cider vinegar for everything—I drink it, use it as a toner, and occasionally even rinse my hair with it! 

Jojoba oil. Before I started using jojoba oil my skin was an acne-prone mess! I use it every single night. 

iPhone. Ugh, hate myself for saying this, but I couldn’t function without my smartphone. 

Passport. Achingly practical, I know, but this is definitely the first thing I would save in a house fire!

Midi dresses. My favorite thing to wear, always.

KP) Where is your favourite travel destination?

JG) Visiting London to see my sister is always special, but Marrakesh, Santorini, and Havana (despite being totally different from each other!) are some of my favorite destinations.

KP) What are your three tips for aspiring girl bosses out there?

JG) 1. If you’re just starting out in your career, I always recommend getting work experience and interning wherever possible.

2. Don’t just network—make meaningful relationships. After swapping details with another likeminded girl boss, I always follow up with an email that has a couple of ideas about how we could work together. I try and keep in touch, do favors and help out whenever someone reaches out, and leave no email unanswered. Over the past few years I’ve amassed a really supportive network of entrepreneurs, writers, and publicists who have become friends as well as colleagues—and are always willing to help me out.


KP) Who are your girlboss inspirations?

JG) Sakara founders Whitney and Danielle have build an incredible business. Rent the Runway’s Jennifer Fleiss and Jennifer Hyman are also inspiring. I love listening to their Project Entrepreneur podcast, and they’re both supportive of female entrepreneurs.

Are you impressed? She’s one woman to watch this year & The Buff is sitting high & mighty in my beauty shelf.

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