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Our first Girl Boss for our newly revamped blog is Lauren Silvers, founder of Glamazon App. Lauren & I have been girboss friends for the past 3 years & massive fans of each others businesses. I love Glamazon & am addicted to the app for last minute beauty appointments to keep me balanced & feeling great. Lauren is one of the most passionate, intelligent & savvy entrepreneurs I know. She is a true leader & one woman to watch!

1. What inspired you to start Glamazon?

I was motivated/inspired to start Glamazon App two years ago. I was on the go and in the need of a beauty appointment fast. I called and called and was unable to find a convenient appointment. In the midst of my frustration and untamed hair, I thought, why don’t I create a one stop beauty shop that allows girls (just like myself) to book last minute beauty appointments on the go? 

2. Where do you draw your style inspiration from?

I believe that style is something that evolves over time. I am inspired by designers that are edgy and a bit Tom-boy-esque. I’m also inspired by New York/Bondi street style. I love simple black ensembles with touches of denim or metal hardware. I also love rings and feel it always adds a feminine touch to an outfit. I always like to see what the latest style icons are wearing and reference ‘trending’ bloggers. 

3. What are your top 5 beauty essentials?

1. Spray tan 

2. Tinted moisturiser 

3. Illuminator 

4. Eyebrow pencil 

5. White Eyeliner 

4. What is the best beauty tip you’ve ever heard?

The best beauty tip I’ve ever heard is to keep your nail polishes in the fridge or freezer to keep them from drying. 

5. What is coming up next for Glamazon?

This is a very exciting time for Glamazon! Soon Glamazon will be launching its fitness and wellness component, GLAMfit. Soon girls can book both their beauty and health and wellbeing needs in the one app! Think yoga followed by a mani/pedi! 

6. Any advice for aspiring entrepreneurs?

Starts ups are never smooth sailing but this should never stop you from fulfilling your goals and acting on your ideas. You will be faced with countless challenges as markets and things change day to day. The best thing you can do is remain resilient and take advantage of the flexible and agile nature of micro businesses. Overall, adaption, strength and quick thinking is key. Also, never take things personally, be confident and trust your instincts! 


Lauren Silvers CEO of Glamazon App & Kath Purkis CEO of Her Fashion Box at a May 2016 Her Fashion Box Blogger Event in Bondi, Sydney



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