HFB Hacks: Top 5 Fashion Tricks

by Serena Coady

At HFB we’re all about uncomplicating things so that we can truly grip life by the gonads (ew). So, we’re bringing you our top 5 fashion life hacks.

To simplify this superfluously lengthy phrase, fashion life hacks will henceforth be ‘fashun lyf hax’.

No wait, in the style of Kanye’s BLKKK SKKKNHEAD lets try FKKKN LKKKE HKKKX.

Wait. Lets just say: FLH.

Where were we…

Right, uncomplicating things.

1: Wrinkle-Free Threads


If you don’t have an iron (perhaps because a fellow housemate uses it to grill cheese sandwiches), then you probably also don’t have a fancypants fabric steamer you see David Jones staff endlessly away with.

So how do you keep your clothes fashion week chic?

The answer is simple, much like everything in this post that comes after the intro. Seek consolation in your GHD’s practical yet ever-loving aunt, the humble hair dryer.

Just hang up your garment and blow dry from 2 inches away and watch the creases ease.

Don’t boil me in a cauldron if this isn’t a perfect fix for all fabrics, this FLH is best suited to cotton.

2: Blue Suede Shoes

We are positive you do that little mental dance each time you are about to purchase suede boots: “Is this tricky, ever so wettable material worth it?” If you’re like us and say yes, a thousand times yes, then lend us an ear.

If you get your suede shoes wet, and yea you probably will, ball up some newspaper and place inside your shoes and wrap the outside of the shoe fully in newspaper too.

This will ensure the shape and material stays secure and dries rapidly. One warning though, don’t try this FLH on lighter colours as the newspaper ink may transfer onto the material.

3: Bling

If your accessories collection is beginning to burgeon and you’re thinking of splurging on a jewellery cleaner, try something a lil crazy.

Take to your gold and diamonds with an all purpose cleaner like Orange Power and to your brass with tomato sauce, if you can believe it.

4: Movin’ Make-Up


Perhaps you were in a rush after your beauty routine and you pulled over a turtleneck (90s you, of course) too fast or you forgot your BFF the make-up bib (I once applied make-up in a taxi and showed up to a meeting with the bib still attached eugh). No matter what your past, let us support your future.

For any foundation smears or mascara crumbles on your neckline, apply your regular run o the mill shaving cream to it and scrub! Rinse, and repeat if necessary.

5: Sticky Situation


Your handbag zip is stuck and all your personal lady items keep awkwardly falling out? Try rubbing the stuck part of the zipper teeth with a graphite pencil. The graphite niftily lubricates the zipper, unsticking it.

Stay tuned for the beauty edition of HFB Hacks, and in the meantime share your ultimate life hacks with @herfashionbox… the crazier and more obscure the better!

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