HFB Team Style File: Vanessa Rodrigues


by Serena Coady

So what do you do at HFB? How long have you been there?

I’m the junior partnerships manager and assist our partnerships director Patrice with finding new beauty and lifestyle brands to partner with. It involves a lot of beauty researching, which I do in my spare time anyway, so it’s the perfect role really.  I also help out our co-founder Kath with marketing, promotions, and our e-tail site. I’ve been at HFB since February 2013, when our first box launched, so it’s been really exciting watching the business grow from the beginning. 

What inspires you in your career?
I think it’s so important to love what you do everyday. I genuinely look forward to going to work everyday, and couldn’t imagine otherwise. I think it helps that I’m surrounded by an incredible group of people who never fail to make me laugh everyday. Working at HFB is such a fast paced environment, but I love that everyday is different and has its new challenges. Before working here, I never considered starting my own business, but Kath has definitely inspired me to achieve this one day. The idea that I could create something from nothing is such an exciting thought that I hope to one day make a reality.



Where do you get your style inspiration from?
My style is constantly changing, and usually depends on how I feel when I wake up in the morning. My inspiration tends to come from what I see on other people, whether they’re on the street or in magazines or blogs, however I’ll never wear something that I don’t feel comfortable in or don’t think is flattering on me, even though it looked amazing on someone else. 
What do you see as a really wearable trend at the moment?
Sports luxe – it’s a really comfy and laid-back trend that anyone can pull off.
Tell us your go-to brand.
For clothes, ASOS and NastyGal have an amazing range at affordable prices. I also love shopping at Glebe markets for one-off finds. For shoes, Windsor Smith and Wittner make the comfiest heels that have lasted me years. 


How do you style it up for the office?
A statement necklace or cuff can update any outfit, as can a great pair of shoes such as chunky heels or bright sandals.


Has there been a HFB accessory you’ve particularly loved?
I really love the leather cuffs. They’re perfect for stacking with other bracelets.





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