Style Your Space

by Serena Coady

“A home should be a distillation of your interests, of who you really are. If you’re happy with your life, your space will reflect that.” Rafael de Cárdenas

Cárdenas, both a skilled fashion designer and architect, is all about bringing the worlds of fashion and interior design together. And it makes sense! We spend hours dressing and grooming ourselves with thought and style, so shouldn’t our living space afford the same flair? Though a potentially costly and time-consuming activity, we at Her Fashion Box have some ideas to easily bring class and ambiance to your living space! Using the musings of fashion and interior designers, we’ll look at the three most vital things the stylish girl needs in her home:


“The most important thing? Perfect lighting at all times.”— Oscar de la Renta


As Oscar says, lighting is important in any design, having the potential to alter the mood and look of a space. Lighting can take the form of lanterns, fairy lights, lamps, dimmers, colour lighting, and mirror and vanity lighting.

Department stores and also speciality stores like Typo will stock the lights to bring vibrancy to your space. For a special, aromatic touch, scented candles, tea light candles and oil burners are a great addition. For long-lasting, sweet smelling products, a favourite is the Australian brand Ecoya, offering an abundance of candles and soy melts.

“Light is the magical ingredient that makes or breaks a space; it’s one of the most important elements in all my interiors.”—Interior designer Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz

In a fairly basic space, lighting can indeed ‘magically’ improve an interior, highlighting before unnoticed elements of design like colours, patterns, textures and line and shape. Carefully arranged lighting can also affect the experience of dwellers and visitors more than any other design element. Lighting can visually provide a sense of peace and comfort, and also create other feelings of warmth, energy, solemnity and relaxation.



Feature Points

“I gravitate to handcrafted and textural things—things with good imagination.”—Decoupage artist John Derian

Giving imagination and texture to a simple, minimalist interior is possible by adding feature pieces around the space. One idea is to acquire quirky, one-off pieces or even family items and antiques and place these harmoniously throughout the area. Other pieces can include paintings, photos in assorted frames, DIY handcrafts, gilded mirrors, rugs or even vintage pieces of furniture.  Such items not only bring spark to a formerly boring space, but can reflect who you are, and tell your story, so to speak, in your home.

Drawing the eye around the room can be achieved by featuring bursts of contrasting colours, patterns and textures. This variety can be in the form of a bouquet of flowers, Aztec patterned pillows, a  weaved throw rug, baskets, ornaments, origami, a chalkboard, graphic wall art or a collage of your favourite images and inspiration.

Be mindful when arranging your focal pieces to avoid cluttering or over-decorating particular areas. The placement of the items is key to getting the right balance and harmony for your new space!




“I must have books everywhere. They’re the soul of a room—they reveal the taste, the interests, and the secrets of whoever lives there.”—Diane von Furstenberg

Though a staple aspect of many homes, books can truly help surround you with your memories and interests, making your living space truly feel like home. Books can also be aesthetically pleasing, and it can be fun to try experimenting with the way your books are stored and arranged.


An easy way to a new look is to organise the books by colour, which creates eye catching splashes of colour in any bookshelf. Next, the books can be rearranged into different shapes and formations. Contrasting arrangements can be made, with horizontal and vertical stacks of books being juxtaposed.  Different ornaments, fixtures and even lights can be dispersed throughout the display, to break up the visual of books alone and give a more exciting, rhythmic effect.

To get really creative, you can acquire an old bookshelf (op-shops have plenty!) and give it a revamp. One idea is to give the bookshelf a ‘shabby chic’ look, by painting it with a white chalk paint, sanding it down to create a grungy texture and giving it a layer of clear varnish to preserve the paint. To add more patterns and colour to the bookshelf, try selecting retro, graphic wallpaper and plastering it to some of the shelves. The key is to think less about creating a place to simply store your books, but more about making your own piece of art to colour your home and charm your guests!


We at Her Fashion Box can’t wait to personalise our office and our own spaces, how will you revamp your home? Share photos of your projects with us!

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