How To: Plump Lips Without The Needle

By Holly Bartter

In case you missed the memo – a plumped pout is one of the most coveted features at the moment. Wacky suction techniques and painful injections aside, there are some simple ways you can achieve the look of fuller lips – and we’ve broken it down for you in our six step walk through.

Source: Harper’s Bazaar

Step 1:

Begin by nourishing your lips with a thick coat of lip balm and leave on for 5-10 minutes to allow for maximum hydration. Dry lips always appear thinner, and you can smooth and soothe further by using a lip exfoliator each night.

We love: Sukin Nourishing Lip Treatment, RRP $7.99

Step 2:

Next, remove the lip balm and coat your lips with a satin formula lipstick in a nude or pink close to your own lip colour (your lips but better!). Using a natural shade means that there won’t be any harsh lines where your lips and the product begins – volumising your kisser is all about smoke and mirrors! Avoid matte or liquid lipsticks as these can accentuate lines and dry skin.

We love: Clinique Pop Lip Colour and Primer in ‘Bare Pop, RRP $40

Source: Harper's Bazaar
Source: Harper’s Bazaar

Step 3:

Taking a liner one shade darker than your lipstick, line the edges of your lips working towards your Cupid’s bow (but leave that part unlined). The end result should melt together while still adding definition and dimension to your pout.

We love: Too Faced Perfect Lips Lip Liner in Spice, RRP $24

Source: Harper's Bazaar
Source: Harper’s Bazaar


Step 4:

Using a clear lip gloss, add a touch to the centre of your mouth. The gloss will catch the light and bounce it back, creating a poutier look with extra shine.

We love: MAC Cosmetics Lip Glass in Clear, RRP $35

Step 5:

Using a highlighter (aim for a nude shade with minimal shimmer), add a little to the top of your lip and Cupid’s bow and blend out. This step makes your top lip appear to take up more room on your face and draws the eye there.

We love: Smashbox LA Lights Lip and Cheek Colour in Hollywood Highlight, RRP $42

Source: Harper
Source: Harper’s Bazaar


Step 6:

Taking a small amount of matte bronzer, apply with a brush below your bottom lip. This is generally where a shadow is cast and by adding to this you’ll create the illusion of even more fullness.

We love: Bareminerals Ready Bronzer in ‘The Skinny Dip’ (RRP $35.00)

Follow our steps and you’ll soon be master of the pillowy pout – with others asking you for tips!


What is your favourite lip plumping trick? Let us know the comments below! x

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