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We love meeting other Aussie entrepreneurs kicking goals & celebrating brands we love. In the spirit of this, we met the Co-founders of Hunting for George; Lucy Glade-Wright and Jo Harris! Here’s our Q&A with these talented ladies…


  1. What inspired you to start your business? 
    We had our hearts set on starting our own bricks and mortar shop. We planned what it would look like, what products we would sell, who are customers would be, what type of service we would offer, even what colour paint would be on the walls. We obsessed about every little detail. Problem was – we couldn’t afford it. So we decided that if we couldn’t make the physical space of our dreams, then we would create the digital space of our dreams instead! And that’s how Hunting for George began.
  2. What are the top 3 interiors trends at the moment?
    Right now it’s all about textures, neutral tones and indoor plants. We’re layering different textures a lot to help us keep warm this winter. Neutral tones are a great easy option as they complement any space and let’s face it indoor plants are never going out of style! The more the better. We have them everywhere, in the studio and all throughout our home. They are the best way to bring character and life to a space.Hunting-for-George-Loft-Collection-07
  3. What’s a classic investment piece for your home?
    You can’t go past a beautiful piece of artwork or a good quality rug. Making a large investment for your home can be daunting, so make sure that it is something you truly love. Don’t be too influenced by trends, go with your gut and you’ll be sure to love it for many years to come.
  4. We have major interior and apartment envy when checking out Hunting For George, where do you get your design and buying inspiration?
    When designing a new collection we tend to look outside of our own industry for inspiration. We design more from instinct rather than trends and having that freedom allows us to experiment more. When sourcing new products for Hunting for George we evaluate based on quality, design and the wow factor.
  5. Where will we find you this Winter?
    When we’re not working we’ll be wrapped up in a blanket on the couch, watching Netflix with a nice glass of wine.
  6. What are the top 5 things you can’t live without?
    Jo: Moisturiser, a good book, my new Morrison jacket, ugg boots and chicos.
    Lucy: Phone, Laptop, Adobe, Music and Gin.Hunting-for-George-Loft-Collection-13
  7. Where is your favourite travel destination?
    Anywhere warm with a beach and a bar that serves cocktails in coconuts.
  8. Where will we find you on the weekends?
    Jo: In the garden or at the market.
    Lucy: At home playing records and singing at the top of my lungs.
  9. What advice do you have for other upcoming entrepreneurs looking to start their own business?
    Think about a time when you worked really really hard to achieve something. Now times that feeling by one hundred and that come closes to what it feels like to run a business. Be ready to work and you’ll be rewarded. Also remember to take a break every now and again otherwise you’ll burn yourself out.
  10. What’s next for Hunting For George?
    If we told you it would ruin the surprise.







Kath Purkis

Kath Purkis

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