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Our review of Bondi Scrubs which features in our latest HFB!

Bondi Scrubs is a range of unique body scrubs that cleanses, regenerates and soothes your skin. They offer three blends; Coconut, Orange and Coconut- Lime.

We first chose the coconut scent as we have been utterly obsessed with Coconut products lately so when we saw this product we knew we had to give it a go! The scrub is made from 100% natural ingredients and helps with cellulite and stretch marks. The ingredients help draw out toxins from the skin and gives the skin a deep cleanse. As we opened the packet we could already feel how moist and gritty it was. Such a small amount covers your entire body as the oils in the scrub make it very spreadable.

The scent of coffee and coconut is quite strong. The scrub is great with exfoliating however still manages to soften the skin due to the oils included, leaving behind a softer feel which we really loved!

The most important step of this whole process is to leave it on for 2-3 minutes in order to let the oils soak into the skin before washing it off. Overall, this product really left our skin feeling clean, polished and soft and is the best body scrub we have used for such an affordable price!

You can shop Bondi Scrubs Here & follow Bondi Scrubs on Insta Here

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Kath Purkis

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