How To: Soft Twist Braid Crown

By Holly Bartter

The old faithful hair braid is getting some serious upgrades in 2016, where the braid crown will be reigning supreme. Forget fussy styles that require painstaking precision, and look forward to this relaxed, luxe hair style that looks great paired with just about any outfit.


Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest


Step 1:

Texture is key for this look, and works great on second (or even third) day hair – freshly washed locks will slip and slide too much. Apply a texturising spray from the mid lengths of your hair to the ends to add movement.

Step 2:

Smooth out your hair with a wide tooth comb to remove any tangles, but embrace your natural shape – waves, curls and kinks are all welcome.

Step 3:

Part your hair roughly in the centre.


Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest


Step 4:

Select a section of hair that begins at your part, and divide this into two sections.

Step 5:

Add a new piece of hair to each section from lower on your head.

Step 6:

Twist the two pieces together with the one closest to the front of your head laying over the top of the second.


Source: Harper's Bazaar
Source: Harper’s Bazaar


Step 7:

Continue this process of adding new pieces to build volume and shape, twisting as you go.

Step 8:

Once the twist braid has been completed, do not add any more hair and twist the existing tails of the two braids and secure with a thin, clear elastic.

Step 9:

Select a twist close to the back of your head on the left side and push your thumb into the gap between the two twisted hair section, and feed the right side tied-off tail into that hole.

Step 10:

Repeat for the left side, pushing the tail through a hole in a twist of the right side.


Source: Pinterest


Step 11:

Tidy any messy sections with discrete bobby pins, and optionally you can remove the clear elastics for a more undone look.


This twisted ‘do is easy to put together in about ten minutes, and is a great way to lean into the world of intricate hair braids. You can even add some sparkle by scattering jewelled hair pins within the thicker parts of the twist braid, for a look fit for a boho goddess.


Will you be braiding your way into 2016? Let us know in the comments! X

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