Sun-Safe and Stylish!

By Chelsea Loewensohn

The first week of December is almost over (we can’t believe it either!), and that means swimwear season is well and truly here. But for many women, especially those more prone to sunburn, summer presents a tough dilemma: is it worth wearing scanty swimwear and letting our skin suffer the consequences?

This decision is made even tougher when the only alternative is a big, daggy UV-protective shirt. However, Australian designers have recognised this gaping hole in the swimwear market, and have begun to develop more flattering and feminine sun-safe swimwear. The trend has already caught on in Queensland, the “rash-jacket” a frequent sight on the busy beaches.






Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 11.20.21 AM


 We love the idea of staying sun-protected without compromising on style, and can’t wait for all the major swimwear designers to catch on!



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