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By Holly Bartter

If you walk into any health food store, you’re sure to find shelves full to the brim with pills and potions that promise all kinds of miracles. But which supplements are truly worth the purchase? We’ve done the hard yards for you and found some stand-out supplement superstars that we think will help boost your body, which is especially necessary as we wind up the year in a flurry of social events.


Source: Women's Health
Source: Women’s Health



The dark green liquid may not look too appealing, but this leafy wonder is packed with the powerful antioxidant chlorophyllin, which helps you by reducing cell damage and stimulating the function of your red blood cells. It’s not just your insides that are benefited by chlorophyll – taking this toxin-fighting supplement regularly can result in brighter and clearer skin.

You can find it in capsule form, but we recommend Swisse Chlorophyll Liquid, taken as one to three teaspoons a day. It can be mixed with water or juice, but the refreshing spearmint flavour is surprisingly mild if you choose to take it alone.




Naturamin Brain Booster

If you’re powering through your workload before the holiday break, you need all the help you can get. Naturamin has formulated a scientifically proven brain-enhancing supplement that will improve your mental performance by strengthening memory, focus and productivity levels just to name a few. The blend of ingredients includes Choline Bitartrate (targeting neurotransmitters in the brain), the Bacopa herb (increasing memory power), and Vitamins B5 and 6 (for improved brain and body function).

Naturamin Brain Booster can be taken with food an hour before your workday begins, with two tablets to a serving. It’s a simple way to get the most out of your days so that you can work more efficiently, leaving more time for play!


Source: Naturamin



This vitamin is just now coming into its own, with new research proving it can assist in reducing common skin cancers. Part of the B-Vitamin group, nicotinamide has excellent anti-inflammatory properties (great for acne sufferers), and has also been suggested to reduce anxiety. Before it becomes the next big thing, try Blackmores Insolar. One tablet a day is all you need, and it’s a great addition to your summer mornings (along with your standard SPF) to top up your protection.


Source: Food Navigator
Source: Food Navigator


A balanced diet is the best way to ensure your nutrient levels are healthy, but if your’e looking for a little something extra to target a specific need, then give some of these formulas a go.

Are there any supplements you swear by? Let us know in the comments below! x

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