Which Red are You?

By Julia Teen

So you find red lipstick hard to wear?  Yep, we’ve heard it all before.  Camera flash + a red lip apparently is the equation for looking washed out or swallowed up by a giant red ring of colour.  Forget that – we say there is a red for everyone.

So how do you pick the best red shade for you?  According to makeup artist Dean Nixon, it’s all about training your eye to spot the different tones; “A true red colour will have a warmer, more yellow tone to it, whereas a blue based red will have a cooler tone.”

And Dean’s tip for working out whether you are more suited to a warm or cool tone?  Look to your jewellery.  “If you favour gold jewellery then the warmer shade reds will more often than not suit better, but if you wear silver jewellery then the cooler reds are for you,” he says.

The Blue Red lip


Anne Hathaway


Lily Collins

“A Blue Red is best suited to more fair/cool skin tones who generally have light features,” Dean explains. “Blonde to caramel hair, with light blue to green eyes.”  Anne Hathaway and Lily Collins may both be captivating brunettes, but their fair skin tones pop against the rich red colour.

The Orange Red lip (or tomato red)


Angelina Jolie


Diane Kruger


Amber Heard

“Orange/tomato reds are the all-rounders and the easiest to wear as they suit almost all skin tones,” proclaims Dean.  “They are more neutral in their tone so warm and cool skins pull them off equally.”

The True Red lip


Kim Kardashian


Keira Knightley 

True reds occur when there are equal blue and orange tones.  “These suit darker, warmer skin tones who general have hazel or brown hair, and dark hazel to brown eyes.”

The Oxblood lip


Emma Stone


Michelle Trachtenburg 

The colour of the moment, oxblood is a huge trend shade for A/W 13.  “Oxblood shades work for any skin tone but beware of looking too retro,” offers Dean. Pair with kohl rimmed eyes and sparkling skin for freshness.

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