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Skin Magic tea blends are literally ‘health hacks’ in a cup! I’ve tried many other detox teas’ however “Your Tea” has many more teas! This was the reason I wanted to try it.

All teas are gluten free and natural. The “Your Tea” Skin Magic tea” pampers your skin, giving me blemish-free skin so that I can ‘glow with confidence all day long’. The ingredients used help nourish and rejuvenate the skin, assisting in removing all the “nasties”.

I have been detoxing for 12 days now, so another 18 days to go. I don’t usually have bad skin however my skin seems to react badly to the food I eat. I get blemishes as well as acne every so often. I know achieving healthy skin requires eating the correct foods as it is the health of your body that reflects the appearance of your skin however sometimes we all need to treat ourselves! After drinking this tea whilst eating the same things I always do my skin has stayed the same. I have noticed that my skin appears more calm, more even in tone and doesn’t react so heavily to the unhealthy foods I eat. So, I am so happy with the results I am getting and I am going to continue to drink “your tea” for my remaining detox journey.

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Kath Purkis

Kath Purkis

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